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six sauerkraut images with different vegetables used |

35 MOUTHWATERING Sauerkraut Recipes [Recipe Roundup]


Learn how to make homemade, gut-healthy sauerkraut using my curated collection of simple, sweet, savory, and spicy sauerkraut & kimchi recipes

Grid of pictures of prebiotic foods: dandelion, asparagus, onion, garlic, leeks. |

Best Prebiotic Foods for Gut Health {15 Clever Ways to Eat Them}


Boost your gut health with prebiotics! Learn how foods like onions, jicama, & leeks can enhance gut health and support your digestive system.

Various fruits and vegetables high in vitamin c on a tabletop. |

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Sauerkraut You Need to Know


Explore the surprising nutritional benefits of sauerkraut. Vitamin C? Vitamin K2? Vitamin U? Probiotics strains? Can e coli grow in ferments?

Spoon of sauerkraut on bed of sliced cabbage. |

How Much Sauerkraut to Eat Per Day? {My Complete Guide}


Learn the ideal daily sauerkraut intake for improved digestion & immunity, plus tips on adding this superfood into your meals seamlessly.

Kimchi Style Sauerkraut Recipe - Ferment on your counter top for 1-4 weeks. |

Easy Kimchi-Style Sauerkraut {Traditional Flavors in No Time}


Unlock quick, traditional kimchi flavors with our easy sauerkraut recipe. Simple steps, full flavors—perfect for fermentation beginners!

hand pushing down sauerkraut in a jar |

How to Make Sauerkraut in a Jar {The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide}


Master the art of making sauerkraut in a jar. Follow our step-by-step guide for yummy, probiotic sauerkraut and lifelong fermentation skills.

Jar of baking soda and open oven. |

How Best to Remove Smells from Plastic & Silicone Kitchenware {2 Key Tips}


Discover 2 key tips to remove smells from plastic and silicone. Learn why these materials retain odor and how best to get rid of them—Simple!

Sauerkraut in a sandwich. |

50 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Sauerkraut {Simple Snacks to Yum Dishes}


Discover 50 delicious ways to enjoy sauerkraut. Elevate your meals with this tangy, probiotic-rich superfood, from snacks to savory dishes.

Stack of 3 jars of sauerkraut with ribbons. |

The 21 Best Fermentation Gifts {In 2024}


Great gift ideas for beginners and pro fermenters alike. Curated list updated for 2024. Fermentation weights, favorite books, salts, & scale.

A jar of pickled vegetables. |

Homemade Sweet Pickle Relish {Crunchy, Tangy, and Probiotic}


Try this unique, probiotic-packed honey sweetened pickle relish crafted from garden-fresh ingredients. Perfect for burgers, hot dogs, & more!

A bowl of yogurt cheese and pita bread on a wooden cutting board. |

From Yogurt to Cheese: Simple DIY Creamy Spread {One Ingredient}


Yogurt cheese, a creamy, tangy alternative to traditional cream cheese. Just a tub of yogurt + plus savory, salty, or sweet flavor additions.

Sour cream in a jar on a wooden table |

Simple Instructions for Delicious Homemade Sour Cream {2 Ingredients}


A simple guide to making homemade sour cream {just 2 ingredients). A fresh, healthy alternative to store-bought, Free from unwanted additives.

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