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My buying guides will help you select the ideal fermentation tools, including the best fermentation weight, airlock lids, and stoneware fermentation crocks.

With over twenty years of experience and countless batches tested, I’ve identified a trusted set of tools, including a precise kitchen scale for perfect salt proportions. Don’t miss my curated list of essential fermentation tools.

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Stack of 3 jars of sauerkraut with ribbons. |

The 21 Best Fermentation Gifts {In 2024}


Great gift ideas for beginners and pro fermenters alike. Curated list updated for 2024. Fermentation weights, favorite books, salts, & scale.

Masontops Pickle Pebble & Pickle Pipe {Product Review}


When to use Masontops Pickle Pebble & Pipe fermentation tools for best results w/o loss of brine or mold growth. Sauerkraut? Pickles? Kimchi?

a collage of fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, yogurt, and miso

5 Gut-Healthy Fermented Foods {How to Buy, Make, Add to Diet}


Unlock the health benefits of fermented foods with this guide. How to buy, make at home & delicious ways to incorporate them into your meals.

Group of green cabbage with inset of a bowl of sauerkraut. |

Best Cabbage for Sauerkraut: Discover the Secret to Tangy Results


Discover the secret to making perfect sauerkraut—find out which cabbage type is best. Tips on how to select the freshest head for fermentation

A jar of cucumbers and carrots ready to be pickled. |}

Pickled vs Fermented {Which is Better for Gut Health?}


Discover the pros and cons of pickling vs fermenting, their health benefits, how they affect food flavor, & which one is best for gut health.

colorful fermentation crock |

Fermentation Crocks: The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How


The What? Why? Who? Where? When? and How? of fermenting vegetables in a water-sealed crock. Type to select? Size? Where buy. Care & Cleaning

Can of store-bought sauerkraut and a can of home made sauerkraut. |

Sauerkraut Shopping Guide [Buy the Right Stuff]


Ready to buy healthy sauerkraut with beneficial bacteria? Shopping Guide for the Right Stuff: where in the store, what look for on the label.

Bowls of various types of salt on a grey backdrop. |

What is the Best Salt for Fermentation {Sauerkraut, Pickles}?


Discover the best salt for fermentation success. Explore various types of salt & learn which one to choose for great results. FREE PDF Guide

Weight, scale, salt and jar for fermentation tools. |

5 Best Tools for Fermenting at Home [Mouthwatering Success]


Stock your fermentation kitchen with the best fermentation tools. With 15 years of experience, I have my favorites that ensure ease & success

A review of the PickleHelix fermentation weight. |

PickleHelix Fermentation Kit by Trellis Review [INNOVATIVE]


See how the PickleHelix fermentation weight works to hold ferments below the brine. Pros. Cons. Demoed with sauerkraut, pickles, & pastes.

Jar of brussels sprout Kimchi. |

WECK Small-Batch Preserving Book Review [Brussels Sprout Kimchi Recipe]


WECK Small-Batch Preserving has a variety of fermenting, canning, and pickling recipes. Check out the tasty recipe for Brussels Sprout Kimchi.

Fermentation weights to keep your ferment below the brine. |

3 Key Items for Keeping Your Ferments Safe [BELOW THE BRINE]


Crucial for successful fermentation of sauerkraut is keeping everything below the brine and away from air. This is done with fermentation weights and...

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