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Adding a variety of fermented foods to your diet is a great way to improve digestive symptoms, support your immune system, boost your mood, and even improve your skin health.

The nutrients and beneficial bacteria found in sauerkrauthere’s how to make it—make sauerkraut an effortless way to add prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes to your diet, along with its many other benefits.

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Grid of pictures of prebiotic foods: dandelion, asparagus, onion, garlic, leeks. |

Best Prebiotic Foods for Gut Health {15 Clever Ways to Eat Them}


Boost your gut health with prebiotics! Learn how foods like onions, jicama, & leeks can enhance gut health and support your digestive system.

Various fruits and vegetables high in vitamin c on a tabletop. |

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Sauerkraut You Need to Know


Explore the surprising nutritional benefits of sauerkraut. Vitamin C? Vitamin K2? Vitamin U? Probiotics strains? Can e coli grow in ferments?

Open jars of pickles, carrots, onions & garlic lined up. |

7 Health Benefits of Fermented Vegetables {Backed by Science}


Discover the health benefits of fermented vegetables. From digestion to immunity, how this ancient food can boost your health-Pickles anyone?

A plate of kimchi on a bamboo mat and two jars of sauerkraut. |

How Fermented Foods Can Improve Gut Health {+IBS}


Learn how fermented foods improve gut health & ease IBS symptoms. Discover benefits, types to consume, & safe ways to add them to your diet.

A jar of sauerkraut with carrots and cabbage on the background. |

What is Sauerkraut? History, Benefits, How to Make {And… ENJOY!}


Get the scoop on sauerkraut, a nutritious food packed with fiber, vitamins, enzymes, & probiotics. Health benefits & how to make it at home.

a collage of fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha, yogurt, and miso

5 Gut-Healthy Fermented Foods {How to Buy, Make, Add to Diet}


Unlock the health benefits of fermented foods with this guide. How to buy, make at home & delicious ways to incorporate them into your meals.

Sauerkraut Fun Facts: All about sauerkraut. -

51 Fascinating Facts About Sauerkraut and Cabbage [WHO KNEW?]


Sauerkraut facts to answer all your questions: Who invented sauerkraut? Key topping on a New York style dog? Pounds cabbage grown annually? Largest cabbage?

Cost of homemade vs. store bought sauerkraut. |

Triple-Digit Cost Savings of Your DIY Sauerkraut [9 IMPORTANT BENEFITS]


Homemade sauerkraut at a fraction of the cost of store bought. Discover how much $ you save and other benefits. Learn what Bacteria Busters do to pesticides

17 Tips for Healthy Skin. |

17 Unexpected but Proven Actions for Healthy Skin: Start Today to Build Radiant Skin for Life


Wrinkles? Dryness? Acne? Heal your skin at the cellular level. Fermented foods, SuperFoods, healthy fats, essential oils & skin care tips for healthy skin.

A woman holding up a drawn image of a gut behind a table of food. |

What Does Your Gut have to do with Your Skin Health? A Lot…


Longing for glowing, gorgeous skin? Stuck instead with: Dryness? Acne? Wrinkles? Try these 5 foods for a healthy gut AND healthy skin. Buy-Make-Eat Guide.

Pieces of jars with different kind of sauerkraut to make it loo like one jar. |

27 Reasons to Include a Daily Forkful of This in Your Diet – Some You’ve Never Heard Of


More benefits to eating or making sauerkraut than you know. Healthful, playful and practical benefits of sauerkraut to inspire you to add it to your diet.

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