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Discover essential fermentation pantry staples, including the best salt and ideal vegetables for sauerkraut.

Learn about using fermentation starters and what you need for making kimchi, ensuring you’re equipped for successful fermenting. I tested countless recipes for fermented foods and made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

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Bowls of various types of salt on a grey backdrop. |

What is the Best Salt for Fermentation {Sauerkraut, Pickles}?


Discover the best salt for fermentation success. Explore various types of salt & learn which one to choose for great results. FREE PDF Guide

Bowl of Korean chili powder. |

Gochugaru, Korean Red Chili Powder [About, Buying and Using Guide]


Gochugaru (Korean red chili powder), the secret ingredient in kimchi, delivers a small amount of heat, beautiful color, & incredible flavor.

Different vegetables for sauerkraut. |

Which Vegetables and Seasonings Should I Use to Make Sauerkraut?


Cabbage is a must have when making sauerkraut, but what other vegetables or spices work? Ensure delicious sauerkraut with these suggestions.

Stocking your kimchi pantry: napa cabbage, garlic, ginger, fish sauce, gochugaru, salt, onions, radish. |

Stocking Your Kimchi Pantry: Staples, Fresh Ingredients, Basic Techniques


Kimchi Ingredients: Red pepper paste, rice flour porridge, Napa cabbage. Pantry staples for making kimchi explained with tips & substitutions.

Kimchi and a bowl of fish sauce. |

Kimchi Series: Fish Sauce, the Secret Ingredient to Transform Your Kimchi


Fish sauce is a key ingredient in most kimchi. Find the best fish sauce that won't taste fishy and will add an umami richness to your kimchi.

Image of vinegar, starter culture, brine, whey and celery juice.|

5 Ingredients I NEVER Use in My Sauerkraut [or Vegetable Ferments] and Why


Why a starter culture, whey, vinegar, celery juice or leftover brine is not necessary to safely ferment sauerkraut or vegetables. What happens if used?

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