Vegetable & Fruit Recipes

Master fermenting various vegetables and fruits for tasty snacks, salad toppings, or appetizers that boost gut health. Favorites include crunchy carrot sticks and classic pickles. Enjoy simple, delightful ferments.

For easy, refreshing drinks, try my two-ingredient Raspberry Soda, fermented coconut water, or traditional Gut Shots. Fermented garlic paste is perfect for flavoring sautéed greens, stews, and soups and simplifies meal prep.

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A jar of pickled vegetables. |

Homemade Sweet Pickle Relish {Crunchy, Tangy, and Probiotic}


Try this unique, probiotic-packed honey sweetened pickle relish crafted from garden-fresh ingredients. Perfect for burgers, hot dogs, & more!

Glass weight placed into jar of radishes prepared for fermentaiton. |

Fermented Radish Pickle Recipe {Simple}


Learn to transform fresh-picked radishes into gut-healing superfoods! Simple. Enhance salads, top tacos, or enjoy them as a crunchy snack.

Salt being pouring into a jar packed with cucumber slices. |

Salt Concentration Chart for Vegetable Pickles


Discover the secret to fermenting batch after batch of crunchy pickles. Calculate salt numbers correctly! PDF Total Salt Concentration Chart.

images of pickles on a market and in a jar with garlic |

Naturally Fermented Pickles [The Complete Guide]


Discover how to make crispy, tangy, Lacto-fermented pickles. No vinegar. No heat. Rich in probiotics. How much salt. Tips to keep them crisp.

three jars plaed to look like one filled with beets |

6 Crunchy, Delicious Fermented Beet Recipes [Simple to Make]


How to make naturally fermented beets in 6 crunchy, delicious flavors. No vinegar. No canning. Tips and tricks for successful fermentation.

images of jars with carrot sticks and table with carrots and different vegetables |

5 Simple Fermented Carrot Sticks Recipes [Crunchy Goodness]


🥕 Fermented carrot sticks, a simple ferment for newbies and pros alike. 5 ways to flavor. Enjoy a probiotic-rich, hormone-balancing crunch.

Bowl of fermented radish carrot slaw next to jar of ferment. |

Fermented Radish and Carrots Slaw [Vietnamese Style]


Shredded radish & carrots fermented with basil, mint, & cilantro make a refreshing topping for any dish. You'll love the bright & tangy taste

Three spoons of fermented pastes: garlic, garlic-ginger-onion, and honey garlic. |

Immune-Boosting Fermented Garlic-Plus Paste [5 Ways to Use]


Must-have staples in any kitchen, fermented garlic paste, ginger-garlic paste & garlic-onion paste, instantly transform any dish into delish.

Three images with fermented cranberry recipes - in a jar, as a bread spread and in a blender. |

3 Delectable Fermented Cranberry Recipes [Year Round Enjoyment]


Fermented cranberries are a novel way to enjoy cranberries year round. Recipes for relish, chutney or pickled berries to wow guests and tantalize tastebuds.

Bowl of carrot Kimchi [Tanggun] ready for fermentation. |

Carrot Kimchi [TANGGUN] To Instantly Add Flavor to Any Meal


Shredded carrots brined and flavored like kimchi. Enjoy on their own, in a salad, on a rice bowl, atop a taco, or whatever else you dream up.

A table filled with different food. |

[GRAB & GO] Setting Yourself up for Flavorful Picnics, Parties and Potlucks


Prep for a party, picnic or potluck is easy: Grab & Go! fermented sodas, pastes, sauerkraut & relishes. The convenience of flavor-enhancing fermented foods.

A womans hand packing the jar of sauerkraut. |

Dry Sauerkraut? 17 Transformative Tips [BONUS: Gut Shots Recipe]


Dry sauerkraut is frustrating to experience. Why? Where did all the brine go? What to do? Simple tips to deal with dry sauerkraut. BONUS Gut Shots Recipe.

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