Effortlessly Add Flavor to Any Meal

If you have never eaten sauerkraut before, don’t worry, I share over 33 easy and flavorful ways to eat this superfood, give you guidance on how much to eat, especially if you are on a salt restrictive diet, or working with compromised digestion.

The beauty in fermented foods is that you become an instant 5-star Michelin chef when adding some sauerkraut to a salad, place a dollop on some avocado toast, top your pizza with it (Don’t knock it until you try it.), or share with friends at your next picnic or potluck. Flavors instantly pop, taste buds awaken, and one goes “WOW, this tastes incredible.”

No sauerkraut in your fridge, yet? Learn how to make some with the absolutely best sauerkraut recipe. You’ll be a Fermentation Ninja in no time.

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