Crock! Cabbage Shredder! Store Credit! 3 Winner GIVEAWAY [Stone Creek Trading]

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Stone Creek Trading Giveaway. |


If you have been wanting to purchase a water-sealed fermenting crock but haven’t had the courage to make the leap from fermenting in jars to fermenting in a crock, here is a little nudge. Enter this giveaway for the chance to…

Win a 5-liter water-sealed crock (reviewed HERE), or…

Win a wooden cabbage shredder, or…

Win a $25 Stone Creek Trading store credit!

December 12, 2016 Update. The winners are:

5L Fermenting Crock – Bonnie H.

Cabbage Shredder – Doug G. 

$25 Store Credit – Randy P

A BIG Thank You to everyone who participated.

A very generous giveaway from Stone Creek Trading. 3 Items. 3 Winners!

A BIG Thank You to Stone Creek Trading!

GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. Sunday, November 27th @ 12:15 AM and ENDS on Friday, December 9, 2016 @11:45 PM. ENTRY FORM is at the end of this post.

Want to Learn More about Fermenting in a Water-Sealed Crock?

The Grand Prize for this Giveaway is a 5-liter water-sealed fermenting crock. If you have never fermented in this type of crock, you’re in for a treat.

I bring you up to speed with my Fermentation Crocks: The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How post.

And, be sure to check out my formal review of the 5-liter Boleslawiec Fermenting Crock with Stone Creek Trading Fermenting Crock REVIEW [Attention to Detail]

Stone Creek Trading Giveaway Items

Grand Prize: 5L Brown Boleslawiec Fermenting Crock with Luna Glass Crock Weights

Fermenting pot from Stone Creek Trading. |

One person will win a 5-liter Brown Boleslawiec Fermenting Crock with Luna Glass Crock Weights. $82 value.

This beautiful fermenting pot is perfect for naturally fermenting your own pickles or sauerkraut or kimchi at home. This large fermenting pot features a water seal that allows gases to escape while preventing any mold from forming.  That means less work for you and a fresher, more reliable result.

I reviewed this crock in a recent post: Stone Creek Trading Fermenting Crock REVIEW [Attention to Detail].

Medium Cabbage Shredder

Cabbage shredder from Stone Creek Trading. |

One person will win a Medium Cabbage Shredder. $40 value.

Are you serious about Sauerkraut?  Then this is seriously the product for you.  With three metal blades and all wood construction, this wood cabbage shredder will cut the time it takes you to make sauerkraut or coleslaw in half!  A wood box holds the cabbage in place, making shredding fast, efficient and a little safer.

In a future post, I will review this cabbage shredder. I have my own slicer – a mandolin – and it is the ONLY way I slice cabbage. A big chef’s knife just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. One secret to out-of-this-world sauerkraut is thin, even slices of cabbage. A cabbage shredder makes slicing cabbage easy-peasy.

Click the video below to see the Stone Creek Trading cabbage shredder in action.

$25 Store Credit at

$25 store credit from Stone Creek Trading. |

One person will win a $25 Store Credit at Stone Creek Trading. Put this towards any item in their online store.

How to Enter the Giveaway

Open only to U.S. residents of the 48 contiguous states who are 18 years or older. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.

The lucky winner will be chosen randomly – by the giveaway software – and announced on this post. I will email the winner and if the winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

December 12, 2016 Update. The winners are:

5L Fermenting Crock – Bonnie H.

Cabbage Shredder – Doug G. 

$25 Store Credit – Randy P

There are five ways to enter. And you may enter all 5 ways.

  • Leave a Blog Post Comment on this post.
  • Visit Stone Creek Trading on Facebook.
  • Subscribe to Stone Creek Trading’s newsletter.
  • Follow MakeSauerkraut on Pinterest.
  • Tweet a message about this giveaway. Entrants can do this option once each day.

All entries have to be done through the Raflecopter Giveaway form below. You’ll need to enter your name and email address – or sign in with your Facebook account – to participate.

GIVEAWAY BEGINS Sunday, November 27th @ 12:15 AM and ENDS 11:45 PM on Friday, December 9, 2016.

If you don’t win and want to make a purchase from Stone Creek Trading, orders placed by December 15th, should arrive in time for Christmas.
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What would you want to purchase from Stone Creek Trading?

Please Note: To enter the contest by leaving a comment, FIRST go to Stone Creek Trading, see what you might want from them and SHARE that in the comments below. THEN, you have to enter your Name and Email through the Rafflecopter form above, chose “Leave a blog post comment” and then click the “I commented” button.

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  • Gene Black

    I would love to purchase any of the fermenting crocks – But my choice would be the FERMENTING CROCK, 5 LITER WITH WEIGHTS. (unless of course I am lucky enough to win one!

  • Mark

    I like this site & we gain valuable information from it. Making fermented veggie-kraut. Hope to win & ferment kraut!

  • Jenny LaFond Holmgren

    I have never tried making sauerkraut in a crock. I would love to have (win) one so I could learn a new, healthy food prep skill.

  • Sunderbug

    thats the first time i have actually seen a kraut shredder in use- necer dawned on my to google it! omg- but as for winning any of these items- i will be thrilled to win any of them!!!

  • Sally Walter

    I visited “Fermenting Supplies” and the item I have been wanting is a wood kraut pounder and more iLids would be nice too.

  • Bollywoodtracie

    On my list I’d like to buy is the 5 Liter or 10 Liter fermenting crock with glass weights. I would love to take the guesswork out of my fermenting. It would be even better and so awesome to WIN the 5 Liter crock!

  • cmattern

    I would love the lead free glass crock weights. What an awesome product! 🙂

  • Dona Rodenbaugh Bushong

    Really like the green crock. So pretty. And BONUS with the glass weights. I’m tiring of baking my stone weights to keep mold at bay.

  • @CapTied96

    I would love that Wooden Cabbage Shredder as I always have a jar of sauerkraut fermenting.

  • surrealchereal

    I would love the large wooden cabbage shredder!!

  • Julie Lobdell

    I would love to buy the folk art trivet, or the folk art umbrella, or the stoneware casserole with lid, or the butter keeper, or the artisan fermenting crock, or some Luna glass weights, or all of the above! So many great items! 🙂

    • Yes, they do have some fun stuff. I love my “rooster” mug.

  • T Reaves

    I’d like the crock. Make more than one kind of kraut at a time.

  • Outhseprose


  • Laura Haggarty

    I’d love one of the shredders, looks like it makes things SO much easier!

  • Sookie Kranz

    I would love to have one of the crocks. I am doing fermenting with your basic recommendations, so something larger would be welcome.

  • smoltish

    I would like a whole set of the glass fermenting weights – I have several crocks, and hate the porous stones they came with.

    • Interesting to hear how many people hate the porous stones. It is hard to remember to leave them out long enough to completely dry.

  • From Ronko…
    I read about the glass crock weights and so glad I read your experiences with the ceramic weights holding moisture. So I went to my crock and pulled out weights and sure enough they were just starting to form mold. I scrubbed and washed them good. Then put on the furnace air hot air register in the kitchen for a few days. They are actually a bit lighter now showing how much moisture they held. Glass weights are Boss.

  • Susie Mueller

    Hi Holly and fermenting fans. The cabbage I have growing in my garden right now would love to be fermented in that beautiful 5-liter crock. Those glass weights would be wonderful too. My husband would be happy because the pantry won’t be full of cabbage fermenting in jars taking up lots of space. I would also be able to learn how to ferment in a crock. Which I would be able to pass on to my garden friends.
    Thanks for your encouragement Holly. I have learned so much from you.

    • Susie, You bring up a good point. Less space on the counter. I hadn’t thought of that. Happy to encourage… You’re welcome!

  • Sara Wolf

    This gear is awesome! I’ve been having some gut issues lately and I think that getting into a fermentation grove is going to be just the thing. I’m especially excited about sauerkraut, kimchee and fermented pickles! MMMmmm!

  • Joy

    I would love to have an air-lock ferment crock.

  • Lisa Limburg-Weber

    A ferment crock! They look awesome.

  • Carol Lehr

    Wish I was at the level (making sauerkraut successfully enough to start to make large batches) to get the shredder, but at this point, I would choose the crock with the glass weights

  • Darcy Koch

    I would like to have a 5 Liter fermenting crock. I have IBS, Gastroparesis, Slow Transit Constipation, GERD w.esophagitis so I just am now learning about fermenting. I also just started eating a forkful of fermented saurkraut (given to me) each morning.

    • A crock will sure come in handy as your consumption increases. Good idea to go slow to start. Best of luck.

  • Joel Carr

    I’ve always wanted a shredder. I currently use a chefs knife and the cabbage isn’t as uniform as I would like, plus it would be much quicker to shred.

  • Diane Wortman


  • Noemi Lpz

    What an awesome giveaway! I visited stone creek trading website and I have to say the glass weights looks amazing , the crocks are super cute and the 2.5L artisan fermenting crock is my favorite! I ferment in 1/2 gal jars.
    Thank you for writing your reviews, I enjoy reading them I have learned so much on your blog.

    • It was the glass weights that first sold me on Stone Creek Trading. You’re welcome Noemi. Glad you’re able to enjoy and learn!

  • Lee Peck

    I would choose the CHERRY WOOD UTENSILS! Thanks for the chance.

  • Alana

    I’ve had my eye on their 5 liter crocks since I started fermenting earlier this year. I’d love a 5L fermenting crock or a cabbage shredder (the knife isn’t doing it for me either!). 🙂

  • Sunderbug

    i would love the 25$, cutter, or the crock- but im confused- one of the sites says its only the weights- not the crock…. i would like those too!

  • Michelle Hill

    I like the Wood Nutcracker and Bowl GIft Set.

  • cynthiac


  • lk

    I like the WOOD STARBURST FRUIT BOWL..its so cute!

  • joey simmonds

    The star of Stone Creek Trading is the fermenting crocks. I think the 5 liter is perfect for me.

    • Well put and 5 liters is a nice nice for most families or individuals. It generally makes 5 quart jars of sauerkraut.

      • joey simmonds

        5 quart jars, just enough for me. lol. I would share.

  • coltrain5041

    I would like the Fermenting Crock, Cream 2L,.

    • I would like to try that one, maybe a 3 liter instead for fermenting my favorite specialty in a water-sealed environment.

  • Tami Lewis

    The 10 l fermenting crock of course!

  • Sue D

    I would like to purchase the stoneware loaf pans.

  • Bob Kort

    I am new to fermenting and have not paid much attention to using a crock. My wife would certainly like the looks of that instead of having a bunch of jars on the dining room table 🙂 The cabbage shredder would speed up the prep process and provide more uniform widths. Either would be wonderful to win!

  • Sunderbug

    i did some more dreaming on the stony creek website – so love the glass weights! and cup, and crocks- i really like so many things!

  • Dotty J Boucher

    I love the wooden bowl and nutcracker, but really so many wonderful items to choose from.

  • Kim ONeill

    i like the floral garden lantern. super cute


  • Cheryl Wilson


  • Jill Hanson

    I would love the fermentingcrock or the large stoneware casserole pan.

  • I like the cabbage shredder and the natural wood nutcracker & bowl gift set! Love the big selection of unique items.

  • Emily Morelli

    I’d love to get my mother the little mushroom nutcracker. It is super cute and she always enjoys freshly shelled nuts.

  • Dave

    I want to purchase the Fermenting Tool Kit – Cabbage Shredder, Masher, Corer & Tongs. Wife and I have really been getting into sauerkraut and boy would that set make life easier! We’ve been shredding with our food processor and it’s a ton of work and super messy!

    • Hello Dave, Do you use a slicing blade or the S-blade to shred your cabbage? Just curious to see how the different methodologies are working for people… Best of luck!

      • Dave

        We actually just use the grater attachment. It makes for a pretty fine kraut but whenever I’ve tried to use the slicing blade it just messes with my machine. Tries to pull a whole leave through instead of actually cutting it and then gets plugged up. I feel like the s blade would just make cabbage mush! Never tried that. 🙂

  • I love the Stoneware Casserole with Lid, 3 Qt.

  • Angel

    Shoot, I would like to purchase everything. Literally just broke my favorite mug though, I want the Rooster Folk Art Mug so badly! It’s so fun and quirky, I want the other two mugs too and those scissor tongs look pretty amazing… basically Stone Creek Trading Company could easily get away with taking all of my money! 🙂

  • Heather D

    I like the Stoneware Loaf Pan. It would be perfect for meatloaf.

  • DJohnson


  • Karen D

    I would like the 5L Rustic Fermenting Brown Barrel Crock with weights

  • Katarina

    Oh well, I am updating my Baby Jesus list yet again :). This time adding the 5 liter fermenting crock pot and also the little 4 liter one, that my grandma has… and the Lovicz umbrella, stoneware casserole with lid. Oh, there is so much I want :(. Maybe I should talk to my husband, too.

  • Elle Tucker

    So many great things! I’ve enjoyed making butter and would like to try a wooden butter mold. 🙂

  • Mary Gardner

    I’d love to have the Natural Wood and Nutcracker gift set.

  • Yukiko

    Fermenting crock with weights at the top of my list, but that starburst fruit bowl is really cool too!

  • Kim M.

    Would love another crock or the cabbage shredder.

  • Laurie Emerson

    I would love to purchase the Garlic Keep Crock in Rustic Brown.

  • Bryan E.

    We have our eye on the Butter Keeper Crock.

  • Tina W

    I like the Wooden Mortar and Pestle they have.

  • Louie Louie

    It’s a beautiful crock!

  • I’ve been using only mason jars for fermenting. I’d love to try a real crock for my sauerkraut! 🙂

  • Christina Child

    My honey would love the fermenting tool kit.

  • Lisa P

    I like the cabbage shredder! I could use one of those.

  • Jodi Robinson

    I bought the crock and fermenting tool kit for my fiancé for Christmas. I can hardly wait to give it to him and get started on making our own sauerkraut. The crock is beautiful! He is going to LOVE it!!!

    • Hope you’re able to wait until Christmas to give it to him. 🙂

  • Michael Horsch

    I love sauerkraut but I dont have a cabbage shredder. Thanks!!!!

  • Michael Dorer

    I use the Stone Creek crocks every year. Great products.

  • Brian Luster

    I’ve been lusting after these crocks for a while. I would love to make a big batch of sauerkraut, instead of the quarts I usually make.

    • Yes, the ability to make a large batch is great. Great depth of flavor, too.

  • Eleni VegieQueen

    I would love to have a 5 L crock pot!

  • Cary Bradley

    I would love the cream colored round bellied crocks that are sold out currently, but also love the beginner’s fermenting kit. I’d love to send it to my son who would love to explore this with his buddies. I love the 5 qt size as it is practical for the Lebanese pickled turnips I do often, and my kimchi concoctions. Our son is a lover of all healthy foods, and this would be right up his alley. Thanks for offering the kit. Looks terrific for us!

    • I have my eye on that cream one, too. I’m not a turnip fan, but… if you have a recipe to share, others on the site might enjoy it.

  • chrisn

    So many beautiful things. I would love to have some stoneware bowls and a butter keeper crock.

  • Kim M.

    Last day of this AWESOME (hope I win) Giveaway. Fingers crossed… Two crocks sitting on my counter would look better than one!!

  • Kris Diede

    I so need a crock!!!

  • Betty Dietzen

    I would like to purchase so many of these great items- top of the list . . . a beautiful crock!

  • cmattern

    Love making (and eating) sauerkraut and other ferments. The cabbage shredder would make this soooo much easier. Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  • Bobbi West

    I’d love to win the Luna glass weights or wooden shredder!

  • Jean

    I would buy the cabbage corer. Wow, would that make life easier! I’m new to sauerkraut and removing the cores is my biggest headache next to getting it all shredded. I’ll be keeping an eye on the factory seconds too!

  • Jeanene Tremoulet

    I make sauerkraut often and the cabbage shredder would make it a lot easier, also like the luna glass weights.

  • I would like the Stoneware Loaf Pan for baking bread!

  • Vikki Billings

    I would love to own the Stoneware Casserole with lid!

  • Randy

    Was entering this for the wife but if I won that $25 gift card I think I’d buy those handcarved nutcrackers for myself.

  • Jennifer Herman

    I like the Stoneware Casserole Large Rectangle Pan.

  • John Herman

    Stoneware Casserole Lg. Rectangle Pan

  • Richard Hicks

    I might get their wood rolling pin.

  • Tee V

    Holly, even though I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income I have enjoyed learning to make kraut even though I started late in life, I love it. I am so much wanting the beautiful green crock that way I can make enough to share the healthy sauerkraut with others who need it.
    Thank you so much for your lovely program, for me it’s never too late to learn

    • What a good thought. It’s nice to be able to make more than you need so you can share. 🙂

  • donnak4

    I would like the beginners fermenting kit.

  • Sunderbug

    who won?? was it me???

    • 3 names have been randomly generated. 2 have confirmed. I’m waiting on the third.

      • Sunderbug

        awww!!! then im guessig it wasnt me! 😩

        • :-(. Sadly no. All three winners have confirmed. An email will be going out tomorrow.