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My buying guides will help you select the ideal fermentation tools, including the best fermentation weight, airlock lids, and stoneware fermentation crocks.

With over twenty years of experience and countless batches tested, I’ve identified a trusted set of tools, including a precise kitchen scale for perfect salt proportions. Don’t miss my curated list of essential fermentation tools.

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Fermentation weights to keep your ferment below the brine. |

BEST Fermentation Weight for Fermenting in Jars [28-Day Challenge]


Discover the best fermentation weight for mason jar fermenting. 7 different weights tested over 28 days. Safely below the brine? No brine overflow? No mold?

Image of plastic, silicone, stainless steel and ceramic jar for fermentation. |

Can I Use Plastic? Silicone? Stainless Steel? for Fermentation


What's best to use for fermentation? Plastic? Glass? Ceramic? Stainless Steel? Silicone? What to look for what choosing your fermentation weight, lid or jar.

9 TOP Fermentation Lids for Mason Jar Fermentation [HOW AIRLOCKS WORK]


Fermentation lids for small batch fermentation of sauerkraut & vegetables in Mason jars. Do you need an airlock? A weight? Best lids. How do airlocks work?

Image of MyWeigh KD 8000 digital scale. |

7 Reasons Why I Love the MyWeigh KD-8000 Digital Scale [HOW-TOs]


Are you struggling to use a scale that doesn't work? Need a scale and don't know what to buy? Find out why the MyWeigh KD-8000 Digital Scale is my favorite.

Green beans in a jar with Kraut Source Fermentation Lid. |

Kraut Source Fermentation Lid REVIEW [Solid Design]


REVIEW: Kraut Source Fermentation Lid. Spring-action design and water-sealed lid keeps all ferments safely below the brine with CO2 forced out of your jar.

Fermenting crock from Stone Creek Trading. |

Stone Creek Trading Fermenting Crock REVIEW [Attention to Details]


Looking for a high-quality fermenting crock? I review a water-sealed crock from Stone Creek Trading. Made in Poland. Glass weights, smooth glaze, mold-free.

Viscodisc Canning Buddies for holding your ferment below the brine. |

ViscoDisc Canning Buddies REVIEW [Simple & Affordable]


ViscoDisc Canning Buddies. A simple, cost-effective way to keep your ferments below the brine without loss of brine during fermentation. Safe. Easy to use.

Fermented Vegetables Book Review. >

Fermented Vegetables Book REVIEW [& Garlic Paste Recipe]


Review of Fermented Vegetables by Kirsten & Christopher Shockey. My photo-rich recipe of fermented Garlic Paste. Links to other recipes, videos & podcasts.

Pickle-Pushing No-Float Jar-Packer Review. |

Pickle-Pushing No-Float Jar-Packer Review: Ingenious


Pickle-Pushing No-Float Jar-Packer keeps ferments below the brine & air-tight. Photos show tests with sauerkraut, fermented carrots and garlic-scape paste.

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