Fermentation Tips

Fermentation Tips

Learn how to hold your ferment below the brine, troubleshoot dry sauerkraut, or eliminate mold. Numerous tips to raise the flavor bar on your fermentation.

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Can I Use Plastic? Silicone? Stainless Steel? for Fermentation

What’s best to use for fermentation? Plastic? Glass? Ceramic? Stainless Steel? Silicone? What to look for what choosing your fermentation weight, lid or jar.

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5 Ways to Store Fermented Sauerkraut [One is Controversial]

Storing fermented sauerkraut can be a challenge when there is not enough room in your refrgerator. Freeze? DIY root cellar? Canning? The heat of canning…

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Frequently Asked Questions about Lacto-fermented Sauerkraut

Find out about benefits, customs, fermentation and fun stuff associated with sauerkraut. What is lacto-fermented sauerkraut? Does sauerkraut give you gas?

Fermentation crocks for delicious sauerkraut.

Fermentation Crocks: The Who, What, Where, When, Why and How

Fermentation Crocks: The What? Why? Who? Where? When? and How? of fermenting in a water-sealed crock with weights and lid. Ferment your sauerkraut with ease.

Dry sauerkraut? 17 Tips for Dealing with. | makesauerkraut.com

Dry Sauerkraut? 17 Transformative Tips [BONUS: Gut Shots Recipe]

Dry sauerkraut is frustrating to experience. Why? Where did all the brine go? What to do? Simple tips to deal with dry sauerkraut. BONUS Gut Shots Recipe.

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A Peek Inside my Refrigerator: I Threw Out 5 Jars of Sauerkraut, One was Pretty Bad!

I often get questions: Has my sauerkraut gone bad? Is my sauerkraut safe to eat? How do I know? Let’s look inside my fridge to see if there’s some bad stuff.

11 Cool Fermentation Tips for Hot Weather. | makesauerkraut.com

11 Cool Fermentation Tips for Hot Weather

Moldy, mushy sauerkraut? Trying to make sauerkraut in hot weather? Fermentation tips cool your ferment and ensure success: Adjust salt, the Wet T-shirt…

How long do you ferment sauerkraut?

How Long To Ferment Sauerkraut?

Like a fine wine, sauerkraut does improve with age. Four factors that impact how long to ferment – or “age” – your sauerkraut for maximum health benefit.

5 Ingredients I never use in my ferments and why. | makesauerkraut.com

5 Ingredients I NEVER Use in My Sauerkraut [or Vegetable Ferments] and Why

Why a starter culture, whey, vinegar, celery juice or leftover brine is not necessary to safely ferment sauerkraut or vegetables. What happens if used?

15 EXPERT Fermentation Tips for the Perfect Batch Every Time. | makesauerkraut.com

15 EXPERT Fermentation Tips to Ferment the Perfect Batch Every Time

A set of 15 Fermentation Tips to ensure you successfully ferment your sauerkraut. TIP#7: The best way to hold your ferments below the brine. TIP #4: Do you need to sanitize your equipment? TIP #11: A simple tool to test your ferments. And in TIP #6, a guaranteed way to make sure you are adding the proper amount of salt

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Best Way to Remove Odors from Plastic and Silicone [2 ESSENTIAL KEYS]

Two essential keys to effectively remove smells from silicone & plastic kitchenware. Banish odors of garlic, onions, sauerkraut & tomato from lids, sealing rings.

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Which Vegetables and Seasonings Should I Use to Make Sauerkraut?

Cabbage is a must have when making sauerkraut, but what other vegetables or spices work? Ensure delicious sauerkraut with these suggestions.