Salt for Fermentation

Learn about the role salt plays in fermentation, how much salt to use, and the best way to measure salt. Discover my favorite salt.

How much salt for making sauerkraut? |

How Much Salt Do I Use to Make Sauerkraut?

Mushy, moldy sauerkraut? How much salt to use is key when fermenting sauerkraut. Use these measurements to ensure delicious tang and crunch.

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What is the best salt for sauerkraut? |

What is the Best Salt to Use When Making Fermented Sauerkraut?

Need help selecting the best salt for sauerkraut? Which inexpensive salts work. How mineral-rich salts take fermentation to the next level. BONUS: PDF Guide

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Salt by weight for perfect sauerkraut, every time. |

Salt by Weight for Delicious Sauerkraut… Batch after Batch

How much salt – and which salt – is best to repeatedly ferment delicious sauerkraut batch after batch? Salt by taste? Salt by measuring? Salt by weight?

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MyWeigh KD-8000 digital scale review. |

7 Reasons Why I Love the MyWeigh KD-8000 Digital Scale [HOW-TOs]

Are you struggling to use a scale that doesn’t work? Need a scale and don’t know what to buy? Find out why the MyWeigh KD-8000 Digital Scale is my favorite.

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Weigh your vegetables and cabbage for a perfect ferment. |

Weigh Your Cabbage and Vegetables to Guarantee a Perfect Ferment

Tired of bad batches of sauerkraut? How much salt did you use? Learn how a scale and weighing ingredients can make for SureFire Sauerkraut, every time.

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